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Miguel G. Damaso

Miguel Damaso is an experienced practitioner in the fields of Telecommunications, Civil and Criminal Law Litigation, and Labor and Immigration. He has been with the firm for the past twenty eight years and has represented Bayan Telecommunications Corporation (BAYANTEL) and Central CATV, Inc. before the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) and the regular courts (Regional Trial Court, Court of Appeals and Supreme Court) on various matters, i.e., securing a provisional authority to engage in cellular mobile telephone service (CMTS) and the expansion of BAYANTEL's service area for the successful roll-out of its local exchange lines nationwide and the many administrative issues involving SkyCable before the NTC. He regularly appears in the NTC and is one of the more visible practitioners there.


As a labor practitioner, Mr. Damaso has closely coordinated with personnel officers and company HRDs for preventive mediation and conciliation of labor disputes. He has reviewed and revised employee codes of discipline and employment contracts to comply with labor standards. He has a vast experience in the handling of administrative investigations at the company level and NLRC litigation involving unfair labor practice, suspension and termination of employees, money claims, petitions for certification elections, strikes, lockouts and slowdowns and negotiations for collective bargaining agreements.


As an immigration law practitioner, he has advised and represented foreign clients on matters pertaining to visa applications, work permits, dual citizenship, naturalization and deportation proceedings.



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